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Our Rules imply Common Sense, Simple Logic and are designed to ensure the peace and enjoyment of our guests as a whole – if you have questions, concerns or complaints please see the management – we are available  24 hours/day or, refer to the Basic Rule below.

The BASIC RULE is RESPECT – for your fellow campers and our efforts to maintain a peaceful and enjoyable camping experience. Management reserves the right to create/alter rules based on common sense, (or lack thereof) circumstance and to protect our guests and property. POLICY VIOLATIONS MAY RESULT IN EJECTION WITHOUT REFUND!

  • Pets –  Many campgrounds do not allow pets. We do, but with your agreement that AT ALL TIMES pets must be:
      • Walked on a leash or tethered within the bounds of your campsite 
      • Kept quiet
      • Picked up after in plastic bags and deposited in trash cans  
      • Not left alone at the campsite or cabins as they will bark 
      • Kept off the dock unless boarding/leaving boats and 
      • Not taken in the shower house or tied near the doorways


  • Alcohol – Is permitted – loud and/or sloppy drunks are not 
  • Vehicles – Walking speed – 5KM/HR – EVERYWHERE – No RV/trailer/car washing permitted in campsite –  Lock valuables in vehicle (management is not responsible)
  • Quads and ATV’s – May be kept at the campsite or cabins with riding allowed directly in and out of the campground at walking speed only. There is a no-riding curfew between the hours of 9:00pm and 9:00am. ATV, motor cycle type vehicles unloaded and used during the stay are $5/night each.
  • Parking – One vehicle per campsite. Out of the roads and on your site only at all times! 
  • Noise – Quiet Time is 10PM until 9AM – conversation level only, no music, idling motors, etc. – At all other times please do not disturb your neighbors with excessive noise 
  • Fireworks – Not permitted at Kinbasket Lake Resort nor on it adjoining beaches/prpoerty
  • Toilets/Showers – Facilities are for the convenience of paid guests only – Out of respect for others, please clean up after yourself and report malfunctions or paper product shortages to the staff immediately.
  • Open Fires and Firewood – Firewood available for purchase at the office or you may bring your own – DO NOT TOUCH any other wood you did not buy or bring – Beach wood must be returned to the beach if not burned – Flame is NOT to exceed ½ meter above fire pit rim – Only wood is to be burned 
  • Picnic Tables and Fire Pits – Do not move fire pits or leave trash in a fire pit – Do not move tables from other sites to yours without permission
  • Dock/Boat Launch – Available to registered guests only – Check in with the office before launching – Trailer your boat when away  from the campground – Do not throw anything in the water but fishing tackle – Please clean up after yourself – Absolutely no boat/trailer parking in the campground without management permission. Boats trailered and/or put on our docks will be $10/night registered.
  • The Beach, Docks, and Swimming – No lifeguard on duty, you use the beach, the docks and swim at your own risk
  • Refuse/Recycling – Use trash/recycle containers – Take broken tents, chairs, etc. with you –  Do not put trash in fire pits
  • Liability – YOU ARE HERE AT YOUR OWN RISK – Neither management nor owner is responsible for injuries, accidents, death, or loss of property by fire, theft, wind, floods or any other unforeseen acts, situations or circumstances. Kinbasket Lake Resort is private property and is intended for use by paid, registered guests only. Anyone entering/using the campground does so at their own risk.